Student exchange opportunities! Grab it!

Why not spend some time in tropical Singapore, where the sun is (almost) always shining and temperatures never fall below 25 degrees C, and combine this with studying geosciences?

Thanks to an agreement between the science faculties at Stockholm University and Nanyang Technical University we can now offer a tailored exchange program for undergraduate students with the recently started Asian School of the Environment. The School’s programme in Environmental Earth System Science allows students to specialize in geosciences, ecology, and society and the earth system. Read more about the study program here and about the Geoscience Program at the Asian School of the Environment.

Field courses to Bali and to other areas in Southeast Asia form an integral part of the study programme.

Since the different courses at the Asian School of the Environment run in parallel over a whole semester, you would be required to spend a full semester in Singapore (fall semester: mid-August to mid-November; spring semester: mid-January to mid-May). Given that the academic year basically overlaps with that at Stockholm University, an exchange should be of no problem! For more information: NTU’s academic calendar can be found here.

The agreement between Stockholm University and Nanyang Technical University means taht you are not required to pay tuition fees and you will get full credits for your completed courses. What more can you wish for?

Maybe I should add that there is a wide range of sport facilities on campus? That there is a huge swimming pool with nice, warm water? That food on campus is cheap and good? That Singapore is a hub for reaching many destinations in Southeast Asia?

If you are a geoscience/geology student at Stockholm University and interested in taking exchange courses or doing a project work at the Asian School of the Environment, contact me by email ( or pass by my office in January when I am back in Stockholm after having spent three wonderful months here in Singapore.

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