Grey versus black hair

When in Asia I always feel really really old. Why? Because there is almost no one with grey hair, except maybe some really really old people. I am often basically the only one who has (pretty many) streaks of grey hair and yet some of the people with completely black hair must be so much older than I am.

The other day, when I walked around in several huge shopping centers I encountered maybe two or three persons with grey hair. Yet I must have passed hundreds of people, children, women, men, young, middle-aged and old. And today I saw an interview with a 86 year old man on TV and even he had black hair (although the tint was slightly towards reddish).

How do all the millions of people here manage to keep their black hair? Is it the healthy food and/or the good living conditions? Or, is the secret behind all the black hair maybe hidden in the tons of black hair color that are sold everywhere? Pretty likely it is the hair color, why otherwise would a 86 year old have black (reddish) hair?

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