Compact living

It always strikes me how extremely densely populated parts of SE Asia are and how many millions of people live here. Bangkok’s population is for example estimated at 8.5 million people and all of Thailand has 67 million inhabitants. The city state of Singapore has 5.5 million people, which is about half of Sweden’s population (Sweden’s whole population is 9.6 million people). But Singapore’s size of 720 km² is tiny compared to the size of Sweden (449,964 km²)!

Singapore’s size may be compared to some of Sweden’s smallest provinces, but even these have an area that doubles the size of Singapore. Gotland has a size of 3,183 km², Blekinge of 3,055 km², and little Öland with 1,342 km² is double the size of Singapore.

If one would place everyone, who is living in Sweden, on the island of Öland, then we would approach compact living as in Singapore. Of course one would need to build a few high rises to accommodate everyone since one third of Öland would still need to be made up of green spaces with parks and gardens, as it is in Singapore. So, my conclusion is that there is loads of space in the whole of Sweden to be filled until it approaches compact living as here in Singapore.


Picture courtesy: Wikipedia
Uploaded by chensiyuan, February 2012.

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