My walk to and from work

The sun has been shining during the last days and haze warnings have classified the situation as less unhealthy. Sun and better visibility place the campus in a much better light! On the down side of the coin is that it feels much hotter and much more humid. But since the daily walk from the apartment to the Earth Observatory takes only 5-10 minutes, it is not too bad. And in case I don’t want to walk, there is always the campus bus, which continuously tours the campus. What a difference to my almost daily walks to the subway station in Bangkok!

On my return today, the campus zoo was alive and the wild boars roamed around on the lawn outside the student apartments in daylight. I guess they find food there, although signs strongly advise against feeding them. The other day I found a small bat outside my door, crickets are singing and birds are everywhere. The only thing that is missing are mosquitoes and I am most grateful for that. Living in a tropical climate without having to bother about these annoying insects is actually great and amazing. Having battled mosquitoes for several months in Thailand, I am happy that they don’t appear here!

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