Meeting wild boar in Singapore

Nanyang Technical University

Living on the campus of Nanyang Technical University is pretty easy and convenient. Everything is basically within walking distance (10 minute walk to the Earth Observatory – EOS), although frequent free buses also tour the campus; different types of Asian food is available at many places and at a good price; shops provide basics; and there are many opportunities for physical activities, such as trails, a swimming pool, sports hall, tennis court, and so on.

The campus is as green as is possible in this densely populated country, with small wooded areas, extensive lawns, flowers, and hedges. It is actually so green that wild boars turn up after sun set and roam the lawns outside the student apartments. Signs warn that these pigs should not be fed and that one should be really careful when a mother pig has small piglets! So it is almost like Sweden, where wild boars freely roam the forests. The major difference between the wild boar here and in Sweden is that they are not eaten here! I tried my best to capture some of nightly visitors, but was not very successful as can be seen from these really blurred pictures!

Having loads of green spaces and frequent rains also means that mosquitoes thrive here. Many of these insects carry dengue, which causes symptoms that are similar to malaria, and not fun at all! Therefore it is really important to get rid of the mosquito breeding places as quick as possible. And this is what happened the other day: plumes of not so nice stuff was sprayed all around the student accommodation, where my apartment is. But – what is worse? Personally I prefer spraying to the risk of contracting dengue.


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