Study in Europe Fair in Singapore – October 10, 2015

Yesterday the European Union organized an information day about studying in Europe for prospective Singaporean students. Sweden was represented by the Swedish Embassy here in Singapore and by several volunteers, Singaporean and Swedish exchange students, and a visiting professor. The Swedish booth was well filled with cookies and information brochures from most Swedish universities.

I would have expected large crowds poring into the lecture halls and lining up in front of the booths, but had to realize that European universities do not hit as high as those in the USA and Australia. Nevertheless, there was some interest and the Swedish booth was kept busy by parents and potential students who wanted to know more about Sweden and the courses offered at the different universities.

Together with Heng, an alumni who had studied one semester in Stockholm and had just returned to Singapore, I represented Stockholm University. Sweden and Stockholm are so far away from here and such exotic places, but do attract attention with keywords such as “green, safe, gender equality, welfare and democracy”.

My 30 minute lecture “Make Stockholm University part of your future – study at Stockholm University” was attended by more people than the lecture given by the French (16:4)! Maybe we did attract one or two potential new students?!

Study in Europe Fair Singapore

Study in Europe Fair Singapore





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