More Thailand favorites

Bangkok is a huge city with a population equaling that of whole Sweden. Many parts of the city are dominated by high apartment buildings, which almost reach the sky. But there are also still parts of the city with lower apartment blocks, with ‘normal’ houses, many of which are surrounded by dense vegetation and high walls (especially in more upscale parts pf the city). And there are areas, where poor people live in slum-like conditions in cardboard houses: under a bridge or squeezed between highways, along a khlong or along the railway.

Bangkok has many touristic highlights and is a paradise for shopaholics with all its different malls and markets. My favorites are however not the malls or the general tourist attractions, but some rather low-key places, which I think still preserve some of the old Thailand, albeit mixed with more modern influences.

Prayer Textiles is such a place. It is located at Siam Square, close to one of the BTS exits. Tucked in between other houses it is a bit difficult to find. But once you have found it, you might spend hours looking at the fantastic textiles, the hand-woven and naturally dyed silk, and the selection of clothes that are for sale. Here, you can order our own specific silk dress, skirt, blouse, or what ever you wish.

Prayer shopping

The Thai House in Nonthaburi to the west of the city is another of my favorites. Here you can experience the Thai way of life, sleep in a house entirely build of teak wood, taste Pip’s excellent food, learn about all the veggies and plants that are healthy, and take cooking classes.

The Bangkok Tree House is located close to the Chao Phraya River, on the island of Bang Kra Jao, which is often called the green lung of Bangkok. Here you can sleep in the tree tops with a view on the river or Bangkok’s high rises, eat good food, watch the fire flies, and bike as much as you can. I have written earlier a <a href="“>post about biking on Bang Kra Jao and visiting the nice floating market there. Bang Kra Jao can easily be reached by local transport. This place is really not a place to miss when in Bangkok!

And (almost) finally, not to forget, my favorite foot massage at MOK. This place has no website, but can be found at the corner between Sukhumvit 22 and Soi Sai Nam Thip 2. The easiest way is to take a taxi either from BTS Asoke or from MRT Queen Sirikit. The foot reflex zone massage they offer for 300 THB/hour is the best I have ever had and well worth a detour.

Just round the corner from MOK is my favorite Hotel, the House by the Pond. There is absolutely nothing luxurious about this place, but it is a cozy retreat from hectic Bangkok, has a nice garden and the staff is wonderful.

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