Rain, rain, rain

After three months, I see the very first raindrops! Finally – how I waited to see and feel the heavy rain, and to experience something that is close to the rainy summer monsoon season.

It did actually rain heavily in Bangkok several times during the last month, but each time I narrowly managed to escape to a dry and sunny place. The massive rain that fell on Bangkok during one of these days clogged the drainage system (probably all the plastic that is lying around was washed into the system and tapped the small drainage pipes) and led to extensive flooding. People were wading in dirty water up to their knees in many parts of Bangkok. And – I had missed all of that!

Interestingly the Governor of Bangkok, instead of doing something, told the people that they should move to Chiang Mai or other high-lying regions, if they could not stand some flooding. This created an outcry on Facebook, and the second time the streets were flooded a week or two ago, he behaved better and put on the face of a real father of the city, being concerned and trying to avert the situation.

And now it is raining again, heavy rain non-stop and thunderstorms: the perfect start of the Songkran Festival and of the summer monsoon season. It feels cozy to sit inside and to watch and hear the rain hitting the surrounding roofs and filling up the little garden, and to see the big palm trees bend under the rain and the strong wind. Am just curious how long it will take until the roof in my Victorian-style house starts to leak! And – how long will it take until the rain ends? I am hungry and need some food and to get food I need to get out of the house and walk 20 minutes to the next restaurant ….. but the streets are already flooded and the drainage holes are clogged … interesting!?

I did eventually get out of the house and saw all the food-phone-motorbikers in action, who pick up and deliver food to those who do not want to leave their apartment. Now I have the number, just in case for next time!

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain

Rain, rain, rain

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2 Responses to Rain, rain, rain

  1. I LOVE a Thai downpour!

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