My daily walk to the subway

I have written about my (almost) daily walk to the metro station before, but I never documented this arduous enterprise with some pictures. It is arduous (at least for me) because there really is no space for walking, and if there is space, then it is taken up by parked cars, hawkers, tables, rubbish bins, or what ever there is.

I am always really glad when I have finally made it to the subway, when I can escape from the cars and motorbikes, from the pollution and the heat, and can disappear down to the cool and super clean subway station.

As I noticed today, the small space beside the narrow road it is not just a problem for pedestrians, but also for the cars, which are parked alongside the road. The grey car that had been parked here for quite some time had always been intact. Not so today – the back lights had been seriously damaged. I am just wondering if the owner found out who did it, or if he/she just has to take these small damages for granted?














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