Money, money, money

Living in Bangkok is not very expensive, at least not when trying to live the way most Thai live.

A short ride on a taxi motorbike costs 15 THB*, the trip with the underground to the university costs 25 THB, and a simple, but good lunch in the university restaurant costs 30 THB.

The luxury of having one’s hair washed, cut and dried amounts to 500 THB, a one-hour foot massage costs 300 THB, and a pedicure 200 THB. Going out for dinner with ten people, eating well and drinking a few beers may end up around 1000-2000 THB. A really luxurious 2.5 hour treatment in a really luxury place is more expensive and costs about 2000-2500 THB, and four tailor-made shirts with the best cotton are around 4000 THB.

However, the bill for one person drinking a glass of French organic wine, eating spaghetti and a lemon pie in a French restaurant is 700 THB.

Yes – there are differences!

*Thai Baht exchange rates are:
100 THB = 27 SEK, 3 USD, 2.9 €, 2 GBP, 3 CHF

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One Response to Money, money, money

  1. I miss the prices whilst living in Thailand.

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