Yellow mangoes

Now the season starts for the delicious and sweet yellow mangoes, which are only available between March and June, since mango trees bear fruits only once a year. Many different types of mangoes actually exist, but the yellow mango tastes best of all and I can’t get enough of it: just as it is or together with sticky rice.

When I buy mangoes in my local grocery store, the woman who owns the shop tells me: this mango can be eaten today, but for this one you need to wait a day or two. And of course she is right. Only when the mangoes extrude the sweetest possible smell and just before they are overripe, then it is the right time to cut them up and eat them.

Mangoes seem difficult to eat, because they have this big, elongated, thin seed in the middle. The easiest way is to slice along the flat part of the seed on both sides. With a nice and clean cut, one ends up with two mango halves, which can be eaten just as they are, using a spoon, or they can be cut in very nice rectangles, turned around or up a bit.

And here it is the fantastic yellow mango, including a picture of a nicely sliced mango:

Having eaten loads of these delicious mangoes, I don’t think I ever again want to taste the sour and hard mangoes, which are sold in Swedish supermarkets and hardly ever ripen.

But there are not only just mangoes, or mangoes with sticky rice now! There are also mango shakes, mango smoothies, mango ice cream, mango cookies, dried mango, and so much more.

Mango with sticky rice – picture and recipe:


More about mangoes in Thailand ….

…. and about mangoes in general

Tropical Fruits – book by Julia Morton

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  1. overluncher says:

    mango sticky rice ❤

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