Mosquitoes – no thank you

It is almost 2 months now since I arrived in Bangkok. Looking through my WordPress posts I realize that I have not written very much about all my adventures and travels, about my meetings and impressions. I only managed to write just a few posts in almost two months, and still I experience so much every day! More than enough for many many blogs!

My walk to the subway station is still as hazardous as in the beginning when I came, but now I am so much more used to having cars and motorbikes just 10 cm off my feet. The traffic is still the same, with enormous traffic jams between 9 am and 7 pm. Temperatures are increasing daily and are now at around 37-38 degrees C, but feel like 45-47 degrees C. Working is thus really only possible in air conditioned rooms (at least for me), and the huge shopping centers fill up with people who try to escape the heat. More and more flowers are now popping up and if it were not for the heat, then it would feel as if spring had arrived!

My little compaignons, the mosquitoes, are getting more and more crazy. I have already used up several bottles of non-toxic spray without much success. These nasty little beasts still bite me, and actually very much! Yesterday was the monthly Pest Control Day, which meant that one either had to stay in the room (ventilation on) or far away from the apartment house, because someone would come and spray stuff so that the mosquitoes and other small insects would die (this was about the only information I got when I asked). I chose to be far away from the place, because my apartment has no ventilation, so I did miss the spectacle. However when I came home, the mosquitoes were gone (relief!), and so were the lovely birds, which used to sing in the trees in front of my window. The only animal I could spot this morning was a little squirrel. But tonight they were back again, the mosquitoes, back in my room biting me. Hopefully the birds are back tomorrow!!*

*yes they were – also the birds are back again, singing cheerfully.

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