My little pet

I don’t seem to be alone in my small apartment in the middle of Sukhumvit in Bangkok. Last evening I heard a loud noise typical for the small, almost translucent geckos, which are common everywhere. You hardly see them, but you can clearly hear them.

Although my windows are always open during the day, I do have mosquito nets which I thought close fairly well. But they don’t close so well actually, there are gaps and holes of up to 1 cm2, which makes for an easy pass for a small gecko, and for mosquitoes! A closer inspection of the walls and of the floor of my apartment made it obvious that there are many more gaps, bigger than those in the window frame. But maybe only the gecko has discovered these holes and not the mosquitoes, because so far I have not been bitten by too many.

The other night I walked along one of the dimly lit narrow streets in my neighborhood. These streets have almost no space for pedestrians, except for the 30 cm wide drainage channels, which sometimes exist on both sides of the street. Walking is thus an adventure, especially when you are about one foot away from a huge car that is passing by. In order to avoid clashing with a car or motorbike, I usually look out really carefully before I round a big bush hanging out into the street or parked cars, or any other obstacles. There I stood last night behind a bush and fallen leaves, waiting for a good moment to cross the street, when the lights of a passing car illuminated a huge lizard in front of me. One tiny step forward and I would have had an even more interesting encounter. The lizard was completely motionless and half covered by leaves. Cars were passing by, not more than 10 cm from its head. I watched it for a few minutes and then crossed the street and hoped that it would survive.

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