Dress code

All students at Chulalongkorn University need to dress properly and wear a special, but simple uniform: dark trousers and white shirts for boys and dark skirts and white blouses for girls. And proper shoes of course, no sandals or flip flops. The only thing that differs between students from different faculties and departments is the belt they wear and the small ornament on the belt. Geology students moreover often wear a short little greenish-brown shirt, especially when they are working in the laboratory or are out in the field.

Dress code at Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University Campus

The other day I had a long chat with the head of the Department of Geology, Assistant Professor Dr. Thasinee Charoentitirat, on how we could create a better student exchange between our two departments. Many courses here are given in English, and the Department seems to be pretty strong in Petroleum Geology. I will meet again with Thasinee in a few weeks to learn more about the courses that are offered, their requirements, and their schedules, so that I can provide potential students from Stockholm University with better information.

Outreach is very important here too and many students are engaged in informing the public about geology. In the coming days, the geology students will welcome school kids from different schools and will teach them what geology is and how important the subject is for society.

Department of Geology

Department of Geology

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