Another week in Bangkok

It is almost three weeks now since I arrived here in Bangkok, and almost two weeks since I moved into the apartment at House by the Pond. Time passes by really quick!

Inside House by the Pond


View from a roof top over Bangkok

My daily walks to and from subway station have become a routine as I am passing the same people each morning and evening. The walk to the subway is however not very easy since few places exist where pedestrians can actually walk safely. Mostly I have to share the small street with motorbikes and cars, which makes the short walk a bit of a challenge. My other option would be to get on a motorbike taxi. This is what most people do to avoid walking along the busy street, but I am not really sure what the best option actually is: walking 5 minutes and being afraid of being overrun by a car or motorbike, or taking a motorbike taxi and being afraid of crashing.

Walking from the subway to Chulalongkorn University is however much easier. There are walkways for pedestrians and there are fewer cars. The university campus is also generally very pleasant for walking given the many trees that provide shade, the low buildings and much less traffic.

During some days there is a market on campus, where people sell food and many other things. Buying a lunch at the market is a nice change from eating in the university restaurant or in nearby restaurants.

Food market on campus




Chulalongkorn University restaurant

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