Making choices

What always strikes me when traveling abroad is that there are so many different ways of looking at things. Nothing is black and white, but everything comes in numerous shades of grey and depends on what kind of baseline one has and what the circumstances are.

In Sweden for example no one could drive or sit on a motorbike without wearing a helmet. Here in Bangkok, while most of the motorbike taxi drivers have helmets, their passengers don’t because there are no spare helmets for them. Motorbike taxis are very frequent here and everyone uses them, because it is so much easier to get from one point to another as compared to using cars, especially in the complicated labyrinth of the small lanes (sois) that stretch out from the main roads. From the place where I am staying now it is a ten minutes walk to the next subway station. It is not a very pleasant walk because of all the cars and no real walk way, but it is ok in the mornings, when traffic is still not too heavy. However in the evening walking would mean passing through some dark lanes, where car drivers might not even see me, and which seem not entirely safe either. So what is my choice to get back ‘home’? Walking in the dark? Searching for a taxi, which would need to make many turns to find the right soi? Taking a motorbike taxi without a helmet? Although neither of these options was a good one, my choice fell on the motorbike. I just did what all the other people did, who got off the subway at the same stop, I took a motorbike taxi and got back all right and within less than 5 minutes.

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