Bang Kra Jao – the green lung of Bangkok

A mere 5 minute boat ride separates busy Bangkok from Bang Kra Jao, a beautiful oasis with small villages, old wooden houses on stilts, temples, markets, local artists, small canals, raised walk ways, gardens, parks, and forests. Surrounded by a large meander of Chao Praya, this area feels like a forgotten island amidst the chaos of Bangkok.

bild 3

bild 2-1

Cars and motorbikes move slowly on the small roads and there are numerous small lanes and walk ways, perfect for biking. The floating market is still a real market with locally grown vegetables and tasty Thai food, the small wooden houses are surrounded by canals, beautiful gardens and orchards, the parks house numerous animals, and tourists are virtually absent. It feels as if time has stood still.

bild 1-1

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Bang Kra Jao is protected by law and huge development projects are thus not possible. However one can observe a few large, almost palace-like villas, which are surrounded by extensive gardens and protected by high fences. Maybe their owners help protecting the place?

bild 1

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