It’s been a long time

Yes, I am still around and yes I am fine, and no, I am not lazy, just terribly busy with other things! It has been exactly 41 days since I published my last blog. And so much has happened since.

Two of my (former) PhD students, Akkaneewut Chabangborn and Sakonvan Chawchai have both successfully defended their PhD theses in October, and are now back again in Thailand and at Chulalongkorn University, ready for new adventures. I really hope that they will be able to continue the paleoclimate work that we have started and that they will find many more good lake and wetland sites that will allow us to understand past hydroclimatic conditions in this part of the world better.

The next three students in line are busy preparing for their licentiate exams early next year, which means reading, commenting and correcting their texts.

Several of our manuscripts have been accepted for publication and some are already online: Dutton et al. Last Interglacial sea level on the Seychelles in Quaternary Science Reviews, which is a detailed follow up of the work I had been carrying out on the Seychelles almost 30 years ago. Ampel et al. Lateglacial diatom record in Boreas examines the aquatic flora in the sediments of the little site of Hässeldala. The manuscript by Steinthorsdottir et al. Lateglacial carbon dioxide fluctuations in Quaternary Science Reviews has received considerable attention by those who do not believe in plant stomata as a proxy for carbon dioxide reconstructions. And the latest article by Muschitiello & Wohlfarth in Quaternary Science Reviews shows that the response to Lateglacial climate shifts across parts of Europe was not synchronous. I have a feeling that this latter article will also provoke comments.

Together with Tanja Slotte and Laura Parducci I have recently got funding for a two-year postdoc position and a pilot project to study DNA in ancient sediments (Testing the utility of massively parallel sequencing on ancient sediments). This is a really exciting and challenging new project!

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