Curiosity drives science

The video (in Swedish) documenting the experiences, thoughts and expectations of the teachers, who are currently enrolled in the research school on natural hazards, was finally released a few days ago. The research school is organized in collaboration with the Department of Geological Sciences, the Department of Physical Geography and Quaternary Geology, the Department of Applied Environmental Sciences, and the Department of Child and Youth Studies at Stockholm University. It offers a 2.5 year licentiate program and has a major focus on volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, mudflows, and climate. The students who participate in the research school are teachers at different schools in Sweden. During the past two years they had the opportunity of combining teaching at their respective schools (1 day/week) with own scientific research and research education. Now they are in the final phase, which means writing up the research results to be presented and defended as a licentiate thesis.

The recently released film follows some of the twelve students on fieldwork to remote places, documents their expectations at the start of their research education, and highlights the experiences and knowledge that have been gained during the past two years and how these are brought back into the classroom.

It is fascinating to see how engaged the students have become in their respective research topic, how their curiosity to know more and more has led to an in-depth knowledge of the subject and to a broad understanding of what research is, how it works and how much dedication it actually needs. The bundle of experiences and knowledge that is brought back into the schools will hopefully engage many more pupils and arise their curiosity for natural sciences!

A take home message for politicians and headmasters is that school teachers need to be given the possibility to widen their perspectives in close collaboration with universities and research.

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  1. ulfewb says:

    Thank’s for sharing this video about “Forskarskolan”

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