The big day

Within one week, two of my PhD students successfully defended their PhD theses: Akkaneewut (Nut) Chabangborn on October 10th and Sakonvan (Moo) Chawchai on October 17.

It was a great and stressful day for each of them – first presenting their thesis work, then discussing the research results with the opponent/s and answering the questions of the committee members, and finally celebrating that it was all done and that the stress was finally over! And how well both of them performed, and how well both were prepared for the most difficult questions.

Following a student from the start of the PhD education until the defense (or viva) is an amazing journey and leads from the unknown to more and more clarity, from problems to problem solving, from rejection of manuscripts to acceptance and publishing, from uncertainty and doubts to self confidence, and from failure to success. It is a tough journey, for both students and supervisors, and it becomes especially tough towards the end when deadlines have to be met and the day of the defense approaches faster and faster. However once the big day is over and the stress is released, a completely new life starts, so completely different from before.

Congratulations Dr. Chabangborn and Dr. Chawchai – I am really proud of you two!

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2 Responses to The big day

  1. Adam Benton says:

    Congratulations to them.

    I’m due to graduate from my masters next month and I’m starting to look for PhDs myself. Do yoy have any tips?

    • Hi Adam,
      my best tip is to find a really interesting topic for a PhD thesis, a good and supportive supervisor and a department with a really good and challenging research environment. My second best tip is to try and go to a conference and check out what is available.
      I really enjoy very much reading your blogs and told all my students in my Human Evolution class to read them!
      Good luck with your Master defense!

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