Following the Icebreaker Oden

About a week ago, most of my colleagues started their long travel via Anchorage and Barrow to the Icebreaker Oden, who will transport them across the Arctic Ocean back to Tromsö and finally to Stockholm. Out of about 25 people in our corridor, 12 have left for Oden’s Leg #2, which means it is really really quiet here on floor 2.

Oden’s whole trip from Sweden to Alaska and back to Sweden can be followed at, where a detailed map is displayed. The map provides links to the daily blogs and also up-to-date information on Oden’s speed, air pressure, wind speed, wind direction, water temperature, and sea ice concentration.

Bloggers on Oden from floor 2 include Carina Johansson, Christian Stranne, Francesco Muschitiello and Martin Jakobsson, who have been documenting the trip since August 17. It is fun to read the different blogs, because each provides different and personal perspectives: general impressions of Alaska and Barrow, what has been achieved in terms of work (echo sounding to map the water column, seafloor and sub-bottom sediments), expectations, weather (from calm to rough sea), or, how life feels on board of Oden.

Oden left Barrow on August 21 and has now already arrived at the first coring spot and everyone seems to be really curious to spot the first deep sea mud! Maybe tomorrow we will learn how well the coring operation worked and how many meters of mud could be recovered.

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