Life is not easy …

The last four to six months as a PhD student are probably the worst – real deadlines have to be met, manuscripts have to be finished, the thesis summary has to be completed, the thesis defense has to be prepared, and the supervisor is suddenly changing from being the friendly mother into becoming a demanding, questioning and sometimes angry parent.

What started out so calmly and nice some four years ago, with endless freedom and time for research, sports, friends, music and Facebook, suddenly turns into a seemingly never ending nightmare, with long working days and sleepless nights, and the advice to restrain from Facebook and to concentrate on the one and only thing: finishing the work!

The weeks leading up the thesis defense are probably the toughest. Questions such as – Will the committee and the opponent regard my work as sufficient and good enough to be defended? Will I be able to answer all the questions at the defense? How well will my lecture go? – will turn round and round ….

Then the big day comes and goes, the student is no longer a PhD student and a new chapter starts.

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