Not lazy, just too busy!

I know that I should have reported more from this year’s EGU meeting in Vienna, which for us was a really successful meeting, with many posters and a talk, and many people interested in our research! Camilla, Moo and Kweku were busy non-stop during the poster sessions talking and explaining to all the people who looked at their respective posters and wanted more information. Of course this gave a real boost to all of them, and showed how much interest there is for their research and for our monsoon project.
EGU is a great venue for listening to interesting talks, meeting colleagues and friends, for networking and for discussing new projects. Maybe next year we can be present with even more posters and talks?

I know that I should also have blogged and told tales about the two weeks of excursion to Les Eyzies in France, which followed right after the EGU conference. But I have written so much already about the Les Eyzies excursion that I would just have repeated myself. Each year and with each excursion, we visit the same wonderful sites: Abri Pataud, Le Moustier, La Ferrassie, Laugerie-Haute, Rouffignac, Cap Blanc, Abri du Poisson, Pech Merle and Cougnac. This year we moreover had the possibility to visit Font de Gaume, one of the last caves with polychrome paintings open to the public.

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