EGU 2014

When I attended last year’s EGU meeting in Vienna I was shocked to see so few women among the medalists. The situation has slightly improved this year, with 5 women out of 36 scientists receiving a medal. But honestly, this number is still screamingly low and is in no way representative!

I can already hear (male) colleagues argue that there are not many women who could be nominated, but that the number will certainly increase in the future. This argument has been used for a long time and although it still may be partly true, it clearly fails when it comes to nominating Outstanding Young Scientists, of which all four a men! Although I am really happy for the four young male scientists, I would have wished that two of them were young women! What kind of future prospect does this signal to young outstanding women? Does this not convey the message: You are not good enough, not now and not in the future. Which of course is not true. The only truth of the whole business is that neither women nor men nominate fellow female scientists for a medal.

Will this ever change?

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