Bike as fast as you can

Have you ever biked to create the necessary energy to charge your phone or computer? I just did, at a recently installed charging station at Paris’ Charles De Gaulle airport. Charging took time since the biking did not create very much energy.

Initially we were two at the biking/charging station, but the young girl who coloured her finger nails while biking and charging, soon left. She thought it took far too long time to charge her phone with the energy she could create. Then I was alone, sitting there, biking as fast as I could, watching how rapidly my phone would charge. But even though I biked as fast as I could, I did not manage to charge more than 1% per minute. Having a phone, which is almost dead, would thus need 100 minutes of rapid biking. Luckily my phone was not at the lowest level, but when I realized how slow it goes and how much biking it needs, I was close to giving up.

But suddenly I became a kind of attraction. A middle-aged woman sitting there biking must have seemed a strange view. People came closer to the charging station, curiously looking at me and reading the information and then left again. No one joined me however!

Biking to charge is actually not at all a bad idea, I told myself. I can do two things at the same time! My phone is being charged, and at the same time I am sitting here, doing exercises! What could be better for me after a three-hour long flight? Moreover, I had loads of time. So why just sitting on a bench, waiting, if I could get a free exercise and a free battery charge? Charging body and phone at the same time! With all these thoughts in mind, time passed quickly and in the end I managed to charge my phone from a low of 38% to 70%. Now comes the difficult question for all the mathematical geniuses out there: How long did I have to bike?

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