Gender and equality

Until a few weeks ago I had been unaware that Stockholm University has a council for gender and equality issues. Now I know that it exists and that it forms an important part of Stockholm University. It acts as an advisory council for the vice-chancellor on issues relating to gender and equality; it coordinates and monitors relevant information; supports and advises the different faculties and departments in their work for an equal-opportunity working place; and it suggests measures to prevent any form of discrimination.

Now I know all this because I have recently been appointed as representative of the Faculty of Science to the gender and equality council. After some reading and searching on the university’s Internet pages, I got a much better idea of what it all is about. Just too bad that none of this information is in English and that it is really difficult to find to the Webpage of the gender and equality council and to browse through the available documents. I’d wish there was a better webpage.

Today was my first meeting with the council and coincidently our vice-chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding paid a visit and documented it in one of her blogs!

Stockholm University is making large efforts to address equality and to actively work against discrimination. However, subtle forms of discrimination, such as occasional mobbing, or other types of suppression techniques, which are not unfamiliar at a working place, are much more difficult to get hold of. There definitely is a need for the university to address this more thoroughly and there is also a need to provide adequate counselling for those involved.

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