Monsoon film gets attention

Great to see that our latest film Under the Eyes of the Buddha – in White Coats now is a news item on Stockholm University’s Science Faculty’s homepage. Hopefully this will help spreading the film to a wider audience.

I did a quick check on the Geological Sciences Youtube Channel to see how many views our different films have got over the years. The situation is not too bad. Geological Sciences – Education and Research at Stockholm University has had over 2500 views, which is ok, but could definitely be improved! Our excursion videos to Iceland, Scotland, France and Gotland have had between 500 and 1000 views, and would certainly deserve more attention!

The two earlier Thailand fieldwork films, Under the Eyes of the Buddha – Traveling North and Under the Eyes of the Buddha – Traveling South are best viewed on Vimeo, because the longer of the two films had to be cut in half on Youtube, because it was too long to be posted on Youtube. On Youtube the two films had over 1500 views, and would of course also deserve many more!

When Stockholm University’s vice-chancellor Astrid Söderbergh Widding visited the Department of Geological Sciences last year, she especially noted in her blog that we have our own Youtube Channel. I think videos and films are an excellent medium to convey messages, and this will become even more important given that it is now so easy to download and view films on smartphones and other devices. Especially when it comes to geology, and geological research, which may be somewhat abstract for many people, a film can really show in moving pictures how we do our research, both in the field and in the lab, and why we do it.

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