Under the Eyes of the Buddha – In White Coats

Finally, finally our latest video about the Asian Monsoon Project is finished! This film really took time to finish! But then it is also different from the earlier films. It involves many more people, a specially designed animation, and specially composed music.

This film, in contrast to our two previous films, takes our research a step further and explores what we are doing in the laboratory, how we perform the analyses and what they might tell us about past climatic and environmental changes. It also shows how large the project has grown in the mean time, involving many more researchers as compared to when we started five years ago.

I am especially happy that Joe Holmquist found time to compose the music for the film. Apart from Thai gongs and Almglocken, we can hear Joe playing a transcribed version of the song Rose Chiang Mai.

Also, I have long wanted to include an animation in the film, illustrating how and when a lake may dry out and/or fill in and how this can be related to the strength of the summer monsoon. Now Anna Neubeck made an excellent animation, which fits nicely into the video.

Finally, I really need to thank Hywel George (producer and director) of Plastic Buddha Productions, who filmed most of the sequences, for his patience with my many comments on earlier edits, Nerys Evans for some of the footage from southern Thailand, and Catarina Oliveira for a professional edit.

In case you would like to follow our work in Thailand from the start, here are the two earlier films:
Under the Eyes of the Buddha I – traveling north and Under the Eyes of the Buddha II – traveling south.

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2 Responses to Under the Eyes of the Buddha – In White Coats

  1. Keep up the good work, I will follow your interesting work when it is presented.
    Your films are very helpful in understanding it.

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