The luxury of a sabbatical

My application for a sabbatical next year has been approved! What a luxury to being able to spend time abroad and to being able to only and entirely concentrate on my research. It is great that Stockholm University provides and also financially supports these possibilities.

Four months of my sabbatical will be spent at Chulalongkorn University, one month at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and three months at the Earth Observatory in Singapore. So next year will see me mainly exploring Southeast Asia, both during spring and during the autumn term. Perfect timing, some will say, because it is when the days are shortest and the nights longest here in Sweden, and when temperatures are not that very high. But on the downside of this is that I will not have a real winter, no snow and no skiing! Instead I will for the first time being able to experience the start of the summer monsoon, and the transition from summer to winter monsoon. Heavy rains and thunderstorms is something I am really looking forward to.

Of course it is not just because of the monsoon rains why I chose SE Asia for a sabbatical. The main reasons are to expand my already existing collaboration and to initiate new research projects; to do more fieldwork in Thailand and Myanmar, and especially search for more and better lake and cave sites in Thailand; to learn more about how to use film to communicate research; and most of all find time to write all the manuscripts I have not been able to write!

And for sure I will write blogs and report about my impressions and experiences!

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One Response to The luxury of a sabbatical

  1. Congratulations Barbara
    Ulf Wiel-Berggren

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