More reading suggestions – Neanderthals

One more lecture next week and then no more teaching until the fall semester – except for my two weeks of excursion to Les Eyzies in May. This last and final lecture will be about Homo heidelbergensis, Homo neanderthalensis and the Denisovans, and their connections to anatomically modern humans. Our cousins the Neanderthals always enjoy the largest interest. Of course we now also know so much about them, and still so little! And here are thus my links for the last lecture:

About Neanderthals (in Swedish) – these are not entirely up to date, but they provide some reading in Swedish:

About the Denisovans

Denisovan genome
John Hawks’ blog

We won’t be discussing early Homo sapiens and anatomically modern humans, but here are some links anyway:
The Herto Homo sapiens
Some reading in Swedish
and some more scientific reading from the journal Nature
and from John Hawks’ blog

Finally a few more book suggestions – these are almost fresh from the press!

Published May 2013

Published October 2013.

Published December 2010.

Published July 2013.

Published February 2014.

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