Asien monsoon research at the Bolin centre

Next week we will host a small workshop dealing with the Southeast Asian monsoon, past, present and future. Three invited speakers will present their research next Thursday, Kevin Anchukaitis and Jessica Tierney from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Hans Linderholm from Göteborg University. In addition we will have a whole afternoon on Wednesday February 19 with short presentation on ongoing monsoon research within the Bolin Centre for Climate Research.

We have tried already several times before to gather ‘monsoon’ researchers, and we were also successful in getting them together, but unfortunately not much in terms of networking or a collaboration project resulted from these meetings. On the other hand, these meeting were an excellent opportunity to get to know what is going on in terms of monsoon research at Stockholm University. We have to see what will come out of next week’s workshop in terms of possible future collaborative projects.

For those of you who have not seen the announcement, here it is:

Asian Monsoon workshop and lecture series at the Bolin Centre

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