Posters and talks at EGU

This year’s participation in the annual meeting of the European Geoscience Union will be tough! All our eight abstracts have been accepted, and this means a lot of work. Of course we still don’t know which of these will be oral presentations, and which of these will be posters, and we don’t know either on which days we will have the presentations. We just know that we can and will present a range of research projects, from paleotsunamis in Thailand and Asian monsoon variability in the past to modeling rapid climate transitions in Northern Europe.

Here is a list of our eight abstracts:
EGU2014-1197 Identifying paleotsunami deposits in Thailand using geochemical analyses by Linda Löwhagen et al. accepted in NH5.1
EGU2014-1279 Tropical wetlands – problems and potentials as paleo-monsoon archives by Akkaneewut Chabangborn et al. accepted in CL2.12
EGU2014-1775 Southeast Asian Monsoon variability may have assisted the rise and fall of the Khmer Empire by Yamoah Kweku Kyei Afrifa et al. accepted in CL2.7
EGU2014-2128 Lake Kumphawapi, NE Thailand – a sensitive archive for tracking Holocene paleo-monsoon shifts by Barbara Wohlfarth et al. accepted in CL2.7
EGU2014-2134 A new node on the SE Asian paleoclimate map: the alkaline crater lakes of central Myanmar by Rienk H. Smittenberg et al. accepted in CL2.7
EGU2014-33 Asian summer monsoon variability during the last two millennia by Sakonvan Chawchai et al. accepted in CL2.7
EGU2014-5150 Nong Thale Pron – a key site from southern Thailand for studying monsoon variability during the past 15000 years by Camilla Bredberg et al. accepted in CL2.8
EGU2014-9974 Imprint of rapid global climate transitions on Northern Europe 15.000-10.000 BP by Frederik Schenk et al. accepted in CR3.7

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