Busy days in Singapore

Tropical heat, tropical humidity, tropical thunderstorms and tropical rains – that’s how Singapore presented itself to me. Finally I managed to get an experience of heavy monsoon rains!

Singapore is well adapted to this type of climate. Air-conditioning is on in all buildings, taxis, cars, etc. and provides an escape from heat. A bit too much sometimes, since the difference to the outer world becomes too large, when the outdoor heat hits again. Since it is raining so much here, roofs cover the sidewalks along the roads and provide shelter from the rains. A funny thing are the signposts of an umbrella here and there along larger roads, which signal the way to a rain-sheltered area.

My few days here in Singapore at the Earth Observatory have been very busy. I met many researchers, postdocs and PhD students, had a look at the excellent lab facilities and finally gave a lecture about our Thailand monsoon project. Too bad however that I used my Mac, because Macs and OH projectors rarely like each other, and what looks wonderful on the Mac screen becomes really bleak once projected on a larger screen. Same, same in Sweden and everywhere else and therefore I usually use a PC for lectures. But not yesterday, since I had thought that the EOS projectors might be tuned to a silly MacBook Air … Nevertheless I think I did get the message through, despite the somewhat bleak pictures, and too many slides. Just in case someone wants to have a look at the presentation

The many different questions I got after the talk showed that people were actually interested. It would be great to get a collaboration going in the future, especially in respect to Myanmar, where EOS researchers conduct research on different topics, ranging from natural hazards to paleoclimate and Earth’s deep time history.

Tropical Wetlands Sensitive Archives for Reconstructing Asian Summer Monsoon Variability

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