Escaping the lowland heat

Chiang Mai and its surrounding hills and mountains are so much different from the noise, pollution, heavy traffic and heat of Bangkok. The sky is blue here, the sun is visible, the mountain slopes and hillsides are covered with lush vegetation; most of the houses are low-storey wooden houses; there are many temples to visit, some old, some new; nice museums offer a glimpse into Chiang Mai’s past; and the many art shops connect traditional tribal art with modern art. It is easy to explore Chiang Mai on foot and within less than 30 min by car one reaches the countryside and the National Parks. All in all, it is a perfect place to escape Bangkok for a few days.

Agriculture is an important income for the farmers in the countryside and in the mountain villages. Many different types of fruits and vegetables are now grown here and have replaced poppy flowers.

Baan Mon Muan is a little resort located in one of the many valleys, about one hours drive northwest of Chiang Mai. Small wooden cottages made of old teak wood sit high above the valley and offer beautiful views on the surrounding mountains. Temperatures here are considerably lower than in Chiang Mai and in Bangkok (jumpers are required!) and much more similar to a Swedish summer. Baan Mon Muan with its friendly and attentive staff, good food made from local products and nice surroundings is definitely a place to visit again.













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