Movie time in Leshe village

Both of our teams have been really successful during the last days. We were able to obtain several nice sediment sequences from Leshe Lake, and a number of gravity cores from the deeper crater lakes.

The other day Nut, Lin Thu, Thomas and I finished earlier than Zaw Win, Rienk, Sheri and one of the students. We packed up our equipment, which was then transported to Leshe village by bullock cart, and walked up to the village. The villagers are so friendly, and each time we need to wait, we are invited into their house or garden and are asked to sit down and rest, drink some tea and eat some crackers. Also this evening we were asked to come and sit and take a rest. Lin Thu unpacked his computer, Nut played Angry Birds on his cell phone and within less than five minutes the two were surrounded by loads of kids!

I thought that I could show the photos I had taken in Myanmar this year, and the kids and grown-ups thought it was so funny to see themselves and others they knew on the pictures. I don’t speak a word of the language here, but I am sure that they said: this is grandpa xx, this is uncle yy, this is aunty xy, neighbor so and so, and so on, each time a person they knew popped up. This picture show must have gathered at least 10 kids and grown-ups and all of them seemed to want to see even more.

But what to show them? I had the third incomplete version of Under the Eyes of the Buddha film on my computer, but this film was only partly interesting to them. Then I remembered that I still have my Mongolian films in a folder, and the two films, Riding with Stepperiders and Baaska’s Song, proved to be really fascinating for them. I have no idea how large the crowd was, because everyone was standing or sitting behind me, but am sure that there were pretty many.
It had started to get dark already when I showed my Myanmar pictures, and by the time we had come to the Mongolia films, it was already completely dark. Mosquitoes were starting to eat me up, and I felt that it was time to end the movie show. Just when we were done with film watching, the other group arrived and happily reported about the nice sediments they had been able to sample in their crater lake.

This day was a very long day: we had started from Monywa at 7:30 am and did not manage to get back until 7:30 pm.

















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