China phones

What surprises me most, is that almost everyone has a cell phone. Not just a simple one, but smart phones with all kinds of different apps. If we want the man with the bullock cart to come and get us, and our equipment, then we just phone him on his cell phone. If we want to get in touch with the officers from the Ministry, then we just use the cell phone; when we order food for lunch in advance, we also use the mobile. We, does actually not really mean us, Sheri, Nut and me, but Lin Thu, U Thu, U Chiku, Zaw Win, and the students. We have no cyber access to the world around us, because we have no Myanmar SIM cards, and because Swedish, Thai and US phone companies are not recognized here. Thus no roaming either. If we want to get online, the best place is the fancy hotel or the Bakery in central Monywa. This place has been our hot spot for the last days and offered a good possibility to download emails and upload blogs.

Many people here also have mobile connections and the GPS app is used to find directions, go to Google Earth, or Facebook, or just the Internet in general. But, as I mentioned earlier, connections are very slow.

The Myanmar word for cell phones is China phones, because they all come from China, either mainland China or Taiwan. Our cell phones are almost all also produced in China, so maybe a better word for our mobiles would actually be China phones!




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