All these friendly people

I am really overwhelmed by all the friendly people we meet everyday and everywhere: the staff at the different hotels we are staying in, the village chief and the villagers, people in the market, on the street, and in restaurants and shops, our lovely drivers and the very nice students. Everyone is so sweet, friendly, curious and helpful.
The farmers, who pass by the lake with their cows, sheep and goats are a bit shy in the beginning, but then they become curious and want to know why we are here and where we are from. They look at the sediment cores and ask many questions. One of them was especially interested in our paddles and studied them really carefully.
As always when we are on fieldwork we don’t meet many tourists, at least not out in the villages and at the lakes. In our first hotel, the Chindwin Hotel, we met five western tourists and thought that they somehow may have found their way to Monywa’s tourist attractions. When we moved hotel for another two nights, and stayed at the Win Unity Hotel, the place was crowded with tourists! There they were, all cramped together in one big place. Whereas those foreign and Myanmar tourists and business people who stayed at the Chindwin Hotel were friendly and quiet for breakfast, the western tourists lining up for the small breakfast buffet at Win Unity Hotel were noisy, complaining and even slightly aggressive. What a different world!
The next hotel was again of a very different kind, and almost something like a culture shock. Very basic rooms, even more basic bathrooms without light and mirror. Our home for two nights reminded me of some of the more simple places I had stayed in before, in India, Thailand, Afghanistan, Russia and Romania. Interesting memories surfaced in my mind.









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One Response to All these friendly people

  1. t.on.air says:

    I feel the same thing about them. They are such friendly and warmhearted people.

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