What a lucky day!

What an amazing day we had today! Accompanied by three MSc students and two officials from the Ministry of Forestry and Environmental Conservation we headed towards our first lake, Leshe Lake. I had never imagined that the two huge 4WDs would manage the steep crater slopes, but they did, and our whole equipment could be transported down to the lake. The drive down the steep slopes and along the narrow sandy path in the crater was however not unproblematic, because suddenly bullock carts would appear. The question then was who has to move backwards when no one can go anywhere else than forward … The solution was quite elegant: the bullock carts could deviate upwards into a field, once we had made a small clearing; we could pass, and the cart could resume its journey.

With so many helping hands, including curious people from the village, we could get the equipment ready in no time. After some searching and probing Rienk and Nut found the best coring spot and we managed to get the first ever sediment core from this small beautiful lake!

Tonight two persons from the village will watch over our equipment and sleep close to it to make sure that everything is still there when we return tomorrow morning. And also tonight we will celebrate the day in a local restaurant with good food and Myanmar beer.
















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