Equipment arrived, permission received!

Lin Thu arrived this evening from Yangon after a 10 hour-long drive. He had with him the equipment and the permissions to core all the five lakes! What more could we wish for! Tonight I passed by the temple and thanked the Buddha for all our good luck. How great that everything got sorted out after all. I must admit that I was a little bit worried, but knowing how things work in Asia, I also had the confidence to believe that everything will turn out fine in the end.

Tomorrow we will start with Leshe Lake and let’s keep fingers crossed that there are sediments that we can penetrate with our different coring devices. We will be accompanied by two government officials from the Ministry of Forest and Environmental Conservation who will officially supervise our fieldwork and who are also curious to know what we are doing and why. We will also have three students with us, two from Monywa University and one from East Yangon University. This will be a very large group, but we can possibly split in two groups, which would speed things up a bit.
It will be a really exciting day tomorrow! But before that we need to go and have dinner – Myanmar food and Myanmar beer and celebrate that we have come a step closer to the lakes!








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