The second tallest Buddha in the world

The second tallest Buddha figure in the world is really something we did not want to miss out while being in Monywa! This 116 meters high golden Buddha statue took 11 years to build. Inside this monumental figure are numerous smaller Buddha figures, and many paintings illustrating Buddha’s life. Some paintings seem a bit less Buddhism influenced, however, and depict what will happen if people don’t follow the moral rules. Several of these latter paintings reminded me of the painted monasteries in eastern Romania, which show all the terrible things that will happen to people who don’t believe in God. Same same here, although slightly different! Staircases inside the tall Buddha lead higher and higher up, to smaller and smaller rooms filled with Buddha images and statues. We could climb quite high up, but I don’t think we were able to even reach as far as the midpoint of the Buddha! But we did get a great view over the surrounding landscape, the flat river plain and the ancient volcanoes that pop up here and there.












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