Buddha heard my prayer

Day #3 in Monywa and we have still no news regarding equipment and permissions. Now we have a bit more than a week left, but if the equipment arrives soon and if the permissions are issued before the weekend, we will manage to do what we had planned for.

On the way to our second lake, we passed another of the many temples and I felt that it was time to make a real offering to the Buddha in the hope that this may speed up the process of at least getting the equipment out of customs. Jasmine flowers seem to have worked well earlier, so why not try these here too?

The village, where the temple with its thousands of small Buddha figurines was located, is also famous for its black and gold lacquer ware. Using bamboo wood and different colours and etchings, plates, bowls, cups, and numerous other items are crafted. We watched the artists treat the bamboo, colour the plates and make the delicate etchings, and of course bought some souvenirs.

The next stop was Nyaunggan village, which sits at the rim of lake #2 and where a Bronze Age cemetery had been excavated some twenty years ago. The graves and grave goods are displayed in several shelters, probably in their original position. We were lucky that the custodian was around and opened the shelters for us. In this way we could get a close look at each of the graves.














The way around and down to the lake was not very easy to find, but with the help of the custodian we managed to find a good location from where we will be able to launch our rubber boat, once the equipment has arrived.

In the evening we finally got the phone call that your equipment had been released from the custom’s office and that it will arrive tomorrow evening here in Monywa. So Buddha may have heard my prayer!

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