Questions and no answers

Back again in Bangkok! It is always a nice feeling to arrive early in the morning and then drive into the slowly awakening city, which is usually full of life and people, and bustling with energy, but still really calm and quiet at 5 or 6 am.

And back again at my favourite little hotel, the Sasa International House on Chulalongkorn University’s campus, which feels like an oasis in the middle of busy Bangkok.

Today’s temperature was 35 degrees C, according to my app, but the experienced temperature it said was 41 degrees C. No wonder I had a difficult time and consumed litres of water!

Tonight’s dinner talk in the little student restaurant, which has become our meeting point before starting off for fieldwork, circled around tomorrow’s travel to Mandalay. Will we get the gravity corer and the extra equipment across the border? Who will meet us in Mandalay? Will the other equipment get to Mandalay in time? How will we manage to carry more than 200 kg of equipment down into the craters, to the coring spot/s and up again? Will there at all be some interesting sediments in these lakes?

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