And the winner is ….

In May this year I was really taken back by the low number of women on the list of EGU medal, both for 2013 and also when looking back a couple of years. So I sent an open letter to the president of the EGU highlighting this incredible gender bias.
I received a lot of reactions to my open letter, not from EGU or the EGU President directly, but from many who read my letter here or on my Facebook page. The issue was certainly an issue!

Instead of further complaining I decided to nominate women and to see if my two successful women would make it into the last round and on the list of next year’s medalists. AND THEY DID!! EGU’s list of medals for 2014 comprises 24 scientists and of these are five women, and two of them were nominated by me and my colleagues.

What is my conclusion? YOU can make a change – don’t wait for others to make the changes!

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One Response to And the winner is ….

  1. Johanna says:

    Great job!

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