Summer school at Navarino Environmental Observatory in Greece

The summer school organized this year by Stockholm University’s Bolin Centre for Climate Research focused on the Subtropical Frontier and brought together a wide range of climate scientists and students at the Navarino Environmental Observatory (NEO). Located at Costa Navarino, in the southwest part of the Peloponnese, the research station offers ample opportunities to explore many different aspects of Messenia’s present and past.

From past to present climates, from climatology to meteorology, from models to data, from the atmosphere to land surfaces and to the ocean, and from human-impacted to pristine environments – the summer school tried to cover many different aspects related to the tropics and sub-tropics. Accordingly, the lecturers and the students also had very different backgrounds, which shows how extremely wide the topic of ‘climate change’ is and yet, here we mainly focused on the natural science part of the whole story!

Ten intensive days with lectures, discussions, student presentations and excursions, however made it possible to gain a better understanding of the different mechanisms and processes; of the limitations and possibilities offered by the various methods; helped bridging scientific language barriers and provided ample opportunity for networking.

The location at the beautiful coast of Navarino, temperatures of more than 25 degrees C and delicious dinners in a small local restaurant made the stay at NEO even more pleasant.

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