Rainy days in Les Eyzies

Spending a few weeks during the month of May in southwestern France sounds like a fantastic work-holiday. It usually is, but not this week, and not last week either. Since I arrived here in Les Eyzies nine days ago, it has been cold, windy and rainy. One single day with a bit of prolonged sunshine!
I feel pity for our students who had hoped for warmth and sunshine, but instead need to wear their fleece jackets and their rain coats! Despite a burning interest in Neanderthals, cave stratigraphies and cave art, the fact that the weather is not doing well, also influences the mood. Instead of many questions, visits to the different sites are much shorter and lunch hours are much prolonged.
Last week’s tour with Lund University students and this week’s tours with Stockholm University students are identical, and are pretty much similar to the excursions we usually run here in the Vézère Valley: science history, rock shelters, cave art, and visits to different museums. However this year we will visit the cave art in Pech Merle and Cougnac, instead of Font de Gaume. A full program which would demand a little bit of sunshine now and then!
Internet access is a bit difficult here in Les Eyzies, but thanks to the nice owner and the staff at Auberge du Musée at Les Eyzies, who make me feel at home in their lounge, getting online is no problem!

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