Nominate women for next year’s EGU medals

Thank you all for the loads of positive feedback! So many colleagues have approached me during the past two days and told me that it was about time that someone makes this obvious issue obvious! Now I am just looking forward to get a reply from the President and Vice-President of EGU. I guess they have been too busy with the 2013 meeting during the past days to read my mail to them. Hopefully they will get back to me next week.

In any case it is now up to all of us to nominate as many female candidates as possible for next year’s EGU medals. Check out the procedures on EGU’s website, or go to the ESWN homepage, where you find support and help in the nomination process.

And here comes some of my general preaching:
– reflect twice when you invite someone for a lecture or keynote lecture – there are qualified women out there who can do an excellent job!
– think twice when you interview someone for a job – increasing the gender balance leads to a better work atmosphere
– leave 50% of your household ‘duties’ to your partner and spend your free 50% on advancing your science career
– get yourself a good male and/or female mentor

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