Gender issue hits high

What a response I got to yesterday’s blog! Views are scoring an unbelievable high (almost reaching 2000). This has never happened before, although I have definitely written about other very interesting topics before!

Hördis alerted me to an interesting article in EOS – Eos, Vol. 92, No. 47, 22 November 2011, which discusses gender imbalance in respect to awards and medals in science, and which makes recommendations on how to avoid this.

Dan Conley and Johanna Stadmark from Lund University made a year or two ago a survey in respect to how female scientists are represented in leading science journals. They showed that a much lower percentage of women than men are invited to write articles in News & Views in Nature and Perspectives in Science. This, of course has important implications for a woman’s scientific career, for her publication list and the number of citations and H-indices that are so much valued by the science community! The article can be found here.

In a special issue this year, Nature actually acknowledged that there is a gender bias. This is a step forward, but it needs to be demonstrated that things will really change and that Nature reviews its policies and becomes more observant.

Let’s work together for a better future!

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One Response to Gender issue hits high

  1. Herdís Schopka says:

    Great job! This kind of discussion really needs to happen, thanks for providing a venue for having it!

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