Amazing feedback

My colleague Agatha de Boer, who had organized the meeting of the Earth Science Women’s Network yesterday, sent us late last night an evaluation of yesterday’s meeting and of what the participants had thought about our talks.

Agatha writes: The favorite activity was definitely your talks. On the scale where ‘3’ meant useful or interesting and the top score ‘4’ meant very useful or very interesting, the inspirational talks scored an astonishing 3.9! .

Agatha further sent us some of the individual comments. I hope she won’t get upset that I am posting these here!

– It was very inspirational to me. I got a lot of useful notes and well as tips and tricks. Keep doing this work, Thank you!
– Really enjoyed workshop. Will spread the word. I felt understood. I heard other women talk about my same experience this was amasing because coming from Italy I thought I have experienced the worst.The inspirational speakers were amazing. THANK YOU.
– There is no substitute for being able to listen to and ask questions to female scientists that had a long and successful career – this was enormously helpful.
– Very inspiring talks and discussion.
– The talks about individual career paths were very interesting and the panel discussion stimulation
– Opportunity to hear from women scientists was very inspiring

Although it was really difficult to talk about myself for once, instead of about my data set, it seems that such a personal talk was much more appreciated than talking about curves, graphs and their possible significance in the geo-world!

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