Knee-high in mud

I am sure that many of you, who have been reading my blogs from Thailand, will think that doing fieldwork in this great, warm, sunny, tropical paradise is like being on holidays all the time. I must admit it does feel like being on holidays, at least 50% of the time.

However during the other 50% of the time, for example when mosquitoes start to attack, large insects fly around one’s head, spiders creep into one’s bed, frogs say hallo in the bathroom, when one has to walk carefully so that the snakes know that someone is coming, when the mid-day sun is so strong that walking without protection would be suicide, when monkeys jump around ready to grab one’s food, or when sampling sediments become more of a mud fight, then, yes, then paradise becomes much less of a paradise.

I was not able to document our mud sampling by making pictures, but luckily Svante Björck from Lund University did, and here are some of his pictures. Have a look at the pictures! Would you still call our work holidays in paradise?

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