More sediment to sample

Waw’s trenches #2 and 3, which we also intend to sample, all have too much water. Carrying the pump and the pipe around is not possible, because it is far too heavy (even for the Swede boys) and because the pumping needs too much petrol (which is pretty scarce on the island). But now we know the sediments better and it seems feasible that we could core them using a small diameter Russian corer. But, but, but – the corer and the coring equipment are in Bangkok, safely stored at Chulalongkorn University, and the university is closed over the weekend.

Luckily Nut is still in Bangkok and he promised to send a corer and liners as soon as possible to Phra Thong. It is more than 700 km between Bangkok and Phra Thong, and it is New Year’s Eve – will the equipment ever reach us? Knowing Thailand, I am sure it will, and probably in a few days we will have everything safely with us on the island!

In the mean time we can sample the storm sediment section and also the ocean sediments for Aim’s project, do some reading, or just enjoy the beautiful beaches and sediment structures during low tide, and of course go for some Thai massage on the beach. Amazingly there is a place offering Thai massage, and we are probably the only customers.

Sampling of the beach sand and storm deposits is really easy. Just hammer the aluminum frame into the section and dig the whole thing out. It does not take more than a few minutes. The storm deposits here on Phra Thong have nice structures and contain heavy minerals, while the tsunami sands don’t.

Sampling ocean sediments is much more tricky, especially without any type of equipment. But we have Jesper, who can do free diving up to 40 m depth! Off the students went today on a long-tail boat out into the open, rolling sea to recover bottom sediments at different depths. Despite sea sickness and high waves they managed to come back with sediments from 5, 10, 15 and 20 m depth, all recovered by Jesper, who did some amazing free dives. Now even Aim has material to work with.

Reading, reading, reading

Reading, reading, reading

Inspecting the storm deposits

Inspecting the storm deposits

Black and white storm layers

Black and white storm layers

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